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Welcome to the Christian Thought & History / Religion & Culture Website.

These two areas in McGill's Faculty of Religious Studies collaborate in the exploration of religion, philosophy, theology, ethics, politics and social thought from ancient Greece to the modern West.

In Christian Thought & History research is conducted from the early patristic period to the present, with both Catholic and Protestant developments in view. Trinitarian theology through classical sources such as Irenaeus or Augustine, Reformation theology both Continental and English, and modern theology in its political and ethical dimensions receive special attention.

In Religion & Culture there is an emphasis on Continental philosophy of religion and hermeneutics, on philosophical, social and religious ethics, and on contemporary debates about the place of religion in law and public policy.

Course work and comprehensive examinations include historical and systematic studies of major theological and philosophical themes as well as specialized contemporary topics. Competence in primary texts is prized along with inter-disciplinary expertise in the history of ideas.

Religion & Culture Christian Thought & History
Philosophy of Religion

Garth Green, Jim Kanaris


Douglas Farrow, Torrance Kirby, John Vissers, John Simons, Patricia Kirkpatrick


GaŽlle Fiasse, Douglas Farrow, Katherine Young

Church History

Torrance Kirby, Douglas Farrow, Ellen Aitken, Ian Henderson

Public Policy

Daniel Cere, Douglas Farrow, Katherine Young



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